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Training & Development

Ascon Africa – Security & Investigations considered Contractual Clients requirements, subsequently came up with complimentary service to all Contractual Clients with retention policy, this is Fraud Prevention Awareness Training


In this program we train Clients Staff on the basics of suspecting, detecting, identifying and vigilantly reporting Fraud Activities, realised at their working areas


Training & Development can also be provided as a separate Package to walking Clients which include:

  • Introduction to Fraud Risk Management
  • Staff Awareness on Fraud Detection, Fraud Prevention & Fraud Control
  • Fundamental of Fraud Indicators, Fraud Incident Reporting & Whistleblowing
  • Tracing and Collection of Fraud Evidence, Analysis of Fraud Evidence and Preservation of Fraud Evidence
  • Investigation of Forgery Fraud, Handwriting examination and Signature verification
  • Investigations of Digital Fraud, Cyber Fraud and Technology Fraud
  • Investigation of Transaction Fraud and Plastic Card Fraud
  • Gathering Fact Found and Drafting Investigation Report