Corporate Security Surveillance: Video, Audio & Cyber

Offering a competitive corporate surveillance security and expertise, Ascon Africa provides reliable short- and long-term protection of your assets nearly anywhere in the country.

  1. Effective and Efficient Programs Tailored to Your Needs

Setting up an effective security surveillance program for your organization or corporation requires partnering with highly-experienced professionals who deploy sophisticated systems that:

  • Cannot be easily detected
  • Use equipment that reliably captures sound, images and/or digital data
  • Collect all information using completely legal methodology

Ascon Africa is a leading provider of Physical and Cyber Surveillance Systems that protect the assets of corporations at locations around the world.

  1. Physical Surveillance Services

With nearly 10 years of expertise experience in effective physical surveillance, Ascon Africa is a trusted partner that can assist you with any kind of investigation by incorporating:

  • Audio surveillance (where legal)
  • Hidden video surveillance
  • Customer surveillance
  • Employee monitoring or surveillance
  • Single or multiple-subject surveillance
  • Private investigator surveillance
  • Worker’s comp surveillance

These security surveillance programs are effective for short-term use or long-term protection in one location or at multiple sites throughout the world.


  • Cyber Surveillance Services

As the risks of compromised business transactions via the Internet continue to grow, Ascon Africa offers Cyber Surveillance expertise for reliable eCommerce monitoring. Our cutting-edge surveillance capabilities help you:

  • Track down stolen or diverted products
  • Help identify counterfeit and gray market products
  • Conduct business intelligence
  • Verify distributor product licenses and prices
  • Monitor auction sites
  • Uncover chat room discussions or transactions

Our Cyber Surveillance Group has also developed significant capabilities in the acquisition and evidentiary identification of suspect internet products from brokers and sellers. We work extensively with civil litigators and law enforcement officials to close down illicit merchandise sales.