Corporate Fraud/Forensic Investigations

These are the Fraud incidents which affects Financial Institutions like Banks, Insurance Companies, Telecommunications Companies and other Corporate Customers

  1. Banks Fraud/Forensic Investigations

These include:

  • Banking Documents, Identifications Documents and Cheques Forgeries.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer and Transactional Frauds
  • Plastics Cards Frauds – These include ATM Machine Frauds, ATM Cards Skimming, POS Frauds
  • Electronic Banking Fraud – These include Internet Banking Frauds and Mobile Banking Frauds
  • Credit/Lending Frauds
  • Integration Systems Frauds and Core Banking System Manipulation Frauds. Etc.


  1. Insurance Companies Fraud Investigations

These include

  • Organized/Planned Fictitious Motor Vehicle/Property Accidents
  • False Presentation of Fake Documents to claim Insurance Cover
  • Property Value Inflation Fraud
  • Internals and Externals Collusion Fraud
  • Dishonest Healthy Insurance Documents/System Frauds
  • Telecommunication Companies Cyber Crime Investigations

These include

  • Mobile Money Service Frauds
  • Manipulation of the Mobile Money Application Softwares
  • By-Pass Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • BPX/Voice mail systems Frauds
  • Subscription/Identity(ID) Theft
  • International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF)


We’ll Improve Your Policies to Prevent Future Fraud

Organizations with weak compliance policies and poor audit capabilities can become victims of the undetected fraudster more easily. Areas of vulnerability include payroll fraud, expense reporting, contract bidding, false invoicing and other white collar crime vehicles. Ascon Africas Forensic Accountants can help you implement anti-money laundering techniques and assist you with risk management related to fraud by:

  • Segregation of duties and maintenance of strong internal controls
  • Creating an anti-fraud policy and code of conduct
  • Conducting surprise audits checks
  • Establishing a whistleblower’s hotline